TheSegmentationFault is open!

Mar 29 2012

TheSegmentationFault is open!

by segfault in News

Ready to go!

I hereby declare that my new website, is now ready for other people to look at.  I had a lot of fun putting together this basic site framework, using wordpress and a premium theme from I haven’t done any website work for quite a few years now and i’m surprised at how easily you can get quite an advanced looking site up and running. I have added pages for my two games (Maybe having this cool website will give me incentive to create loads more games) so go over there and take a look and have a play.


More stuff?

I am going to start writing my blog as often as I actually have something interesting to write about. I will try and update the “daft stuff” section of the site whenever I come across something that is particularly silly.


To summarise, the site is my primary home on the internet as of right now, but it is also a perpetual work in progress.


Take care! :)

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