Vector Dash

Vector Dash

Vector Dash was my entry for Ludum Dare 48 #21 in August 2011. The theme was “escape” and I had 2 days to come up with a concept and build the game. I quickly settled on the idea of having an asteroids ship that was trapped inside of a maze, the idea is simply to get from a start point in the level to an end point without touching any of the walls or being shot.

Game play video

A short demonstration of Vector Dash

Timelapse video

It is quite common in the ludum dare challenges to create a timelapsed recording of the development of the game. I decided to take a screenshot every 30 seconds during the development to show the process I went through when creating this game. I compiled it into a video which should give you a rough idea of how I went about tackling the whole development.


Vector dash is available for free to download. It requires the .net 4.0 runtime and the xna runtime (Included in the download).

Download356 downloads


Source code (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010)