Tilted Video Poker

Tilted Video Poker

Tilted video poker is a remake of the game I made for netbooks in 2010. This new version is designed with pcs and mobile devices in mind.

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What is tilt ?

To be on tilt, is to lose your cool and to play badly and to give away your money. Lets hope the computer is on tilt!

Tilted video poker is a poker game played against the computer. See how much money you can
win! Starting out with only a measly 5 coins, see if you can turn that into many millions, or maybe even billions!
The game is a remake of the classic casino video poker game where the aim is to make a good five card hand by throwing away the cards that you don’t want, and hoping that the dealer is on your side!

Create profiles for each player so everybody in your home can play. See who can get the most money.

Oh, and don’t worry if you go broke. You will be given another 5 coins to gamble with!
The game is presented in a simple way, with in-game help available so anybody can get playing quickly. You don’t have to be a poker pro to play Tilted Video Poker.

Once the cards are in the air though, anything could happen. The ease of play coupled with the clarity the game is presented in and because of the nature of video poker itself, you may find yourself addicted.

How is it made?

I made this game using the app game kit, which is made by my good friends at theGameCreators.



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